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Let us tell your story. 


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Our work


LaFrance Films specializes in capturing the precious moments in life
and presenting them as cinematic-quality films.​

Life is a story that can be told many ways. Michael LaFrance, creator of LaFrance Films, has integrated documentary-style filming with cutting-edge editing techniques to capture and tell your story on film as if it was a Hollywood production.

Over the years, LaFrance Films professionals have perfected the art of discreet, non-intrusive filming. You will experience your wedding day, anniversary and other life moment in a natural, relaxed manner while our professionals capture you and your family’s joy for all time.

In any environment and situation, from large weddings to intimate family gatherings, Michael LaFrance and his team will be there to record your experience that you will be able to share with loved ones forever.



Life is full of special moments: weddings, anniversaries, graduations and countless others.

Memories fade over time and can only be shared in stories. Our filmmakers capture and perfectly preserve these moments and allow you to share them with loved ones through all time with cinematic perfection.

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Tue - Fri: 9am - 5pm
Located at
The Studio 1016
1016 Clare Ave, Bldg 5

West Palm Beach, FL

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Filmed in stunning 1080p HD and color grade for an amazing motion picture look. The wedding feature is a 12 minute story of your wedding. This is the piece that you will share with your grandchildren and will remain a family heirloom to be passed down from generation to ganeration. 

The Doc Edit features the full ceremony, full formal dances and toasts in their entirety. this is a must-have for the full wedding experience.

The wedding highlights is 5 to 7 minutes, edited highlight of your wedding. Each highlight is a unique piece that captures uniqueness of your wedding day. We capture every memorable momentof your wedding and make sure that your family and friends can enjoy it for years to come. 

Owning a cinematic quality film of your life’s most precious moments is truly an investment that will be handed down from generation to generation in your family. Please contact LaFrance Films to schedule a consultation.

LaFrance Films defies the traditional views of wedding videos. We are not videographers, we are cinematographers. We do not produce videos, we create artistic, cinematic quality films. Our services reflect a new, 21st-century vision of what filmmaking should be. We use the most advanced, cutting edge technology available to capture your day in crystal-clear audio and high definition imagery.
Our packages are designed to meet the needs of our clients vision of their wedding.

In addition to our talented cinematographers, our editing process separates LaFrance Films from all the others. Anyone can capture raw footage, but only a few have the ability to combine that footage into a work that will fill you with pride and joy for the rest of your lives.

To compliment your wedding feature, And additional upgrades include wedding teasers, full ceremony and the raw footage of your wedding day. Furthermore, we now offer a digital delivery of your wedding film (contact us or more information on our digital delivery service.)


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